“I'd rather prefer being approachable and even goofy rather than being seen as intimidating," claims recruitment expert Jay Kuhns of Kinetix in this interview with Gloria Lombardi.
Gloria Lombardi interviews Mario Herger, CEO and founder of Enterprise Gamification Consultancy to learn more about the state of gamification inside large organisations.
The story about Vodafone's Circle platform is all about bringing external behaviours used outside into the enterprise to increase knowledge sharing.


Ellwood Atfield Gallery
16 April, 2015 - 09:30 - 17:00


Tim Ruscoe, Freelance Art Director



The construction firm has found a new way to communicate with its hard-to-reach employees - 'Connected', the mobile app launched in January.
The consultancy giant has reorganised its digital offering to meet the demands of its international client base. We talk to Mark Sherwin MD of Accenture Interactive.
Jonathan Phillips is the man behind iConnect - "the intranet in your pocket" that has been such a mobile success at Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE).
SMiLE London by simply-communicate was back on 11th March. Over 200 internal communicators gathered at St. Paul's etc.venues to connect and hear the latest on social media inside large enterprises. The result? Let's the following tweets tell us.
Bankinter, one of the main Spanish commercial banks, created an enterprise social network fundamental for employees in order to receive and share business information.
Gloria Lombardi speaks with Nick Osborne - currently the only Certified Holacracy Facilitator in the UK - to discover whether holacracy really has a place in 21st century enterprises.
Lawrence Clarke of Shilbrook Associates describes simplysucceed, a unique program designed to give you the best possible chance of creating and sustaining a successful social platform inside your business.
In the battle for employee engagement, other industries can learn from Allied Irish Bank (AIB) in the UK. 'Banking on a Brighter Future' is their initiative to build staff morale.
Our Gloria Lombardi joined the tech community at Twitter's first mobile developer conference in the UK. Here are the highlights she took away.

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