Jeremiah Owyang is the founder of Crowd Companies, an Innovation Council that helps large companies to embrace the Collaborative Economy. Gloria Lombardi interviews.
Gloria Lombardi speaks with Founder and CEO of Paradigm Joelle Emerson, to explore the barriers to workplace diversity and what organisations can do to bridge the gap.
Hosting and chairing successful conference calls and webinars inside your organisations is not easy task. You might want to use the following approaches to make a positive impact.


Ellwood Atfield Gallery
14 July, 2015 - 09:30 - 17:00
etc venues St Paul's
9 November, 2015 - 09:00 - 17:00

Tim Ruscoe, Freelance Art Director


Gloria Lombardi interviews the author of The Future of Work - Jacob Morgan - to explore the changing nature of the workplace and what to expect from the years to come.
Capita's Employee Insight Report 2015 shows that the way an organisation communicates affects employees' appreciation of workplace benefits. Gloria Lombardi reviews.
Peter Furtado of simplysucceed clarifies the difference between a use case and a user story to help you identify and communicate the key ways in which your social platform is expected to be used.
Gloria Lombardi interviews Sheila Parry, founder of the internal communications agency theblueballroom, who is handing over the reins to Kate Shanks as MD.
Running a webjam for your organisation can be a game changer. Digital Collaboration Lead at SABMiller Gerard Richardson, gives his top tips to make them successful.
If you’re thinking about creating your ESN, you may discover a range of useful lessons by talking to your external communications colleagues argues Peter Furtado of simplysucceed.
SAP Co-Innovation Centre in Palo Alto shows that innovative workplaces are truly achievable inside large organisations. Gloria Lombardi interviews.
Not only has filmmaking gone through a revolution, but also viewers' perceptions and expectations have changed dramatically along with it argues filmmaker Alan Deakins.
At Comma Partners latest event, thirty senior internal communicators gathered to explore how stories can be used to connect personal experiences with big strategic messages.

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