Over 15,000 staff at the Dutch multinational bank are on Buzz every day - speeding up communications across regions and functions.
TV comedian David Schneider joined the Communications Directors Forum to instruct his sea-faring audience on the serious business of social humour.
The 'Lead Magician' (and CEO) of enterprise platform Box discussed the future of work at Business Without Boundaries in London.


Ellwood Atfield Gallery
21 October, 2014 - 09:30 - 17:00
Ellwood Atfield Gallery
4 November, 2014 - 09:30 - 17:00

Tim Ruscoe, Freelance Art Director



Groupon, the global ecommerce website, is building a universal digital workplace experience for its 12,000 employees across more than 45 countries.
Global investment research firm Morningstar uses Vine to communicate the company’s core values. Gloria Lombardi interviews Social Media Associate Katryna Deligiannis.
Katie Macaulay's new book, From Cascade to Conversation, describes why conversing at work is now imperative. Gloria Lombardi's review.
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Johnson & Johnson MISSA uses Miituu video app to bring executives closer to their staff across the UK, Africa and the Middle East.
Social Business Collaboration 2014 took place in Berlin this week. Gloria Lombardi reports on the two-day conference.
NEON, a global comms platform, is helping the media and advertising group win business and connect 23,000 employees across brands and borders.
Mobile apps are finding their place within the enterprise. That is why at simply-communicate we are holding an App Fair specifically for IC - so beAppy at our SMiLE London conference on 25th September.
Web Anthropologist and Futurist Stowe Boyd, the man who named the hashtag, tells Gloria Lombardi, “It’s time for a whole new generation of contextual tools.”