The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) assists vulnerable people affected by war and other situation of violence and ensures that the rules and principles - known as the Geneva Conventions - are respected during warfare. – but how do they stay informed as the number of political and armed actors, the range of their visions, and the extent of crises in which they are involved, continue to increase?
Our smileguide on The Changing Role of Internal Communication is now available as a free download. Author Gloria Lombardi gives an overview.
We have spent a whole year surveying the use of social and collaboration platforms in large enterprises: the good, the bad and the ugly. Now you can download this powerful study for free.

Tim Ruscoe, Freelance Art Director

Our predictions for 2016 only featured the views of two women versus seven men. So what did our twitter poll reveal about gender bias in IC?
Collaboration is the new normal, navigating 'moments of truth' and Pigs, lipstick and authenticity - predictions from Post*Shift, Tesco and Ketchum
The rise of the Community Manager, riding the Microsoft behemoth and the effect of Facebook at Work - predictions from simply-succeed and Betterworking
intranets as “front doors”, corporates & startups learn how to play together and cross-pollination of IC Apps - predictions from DWG, Pinipa and simply
As Jean-Luc Abelin, social knowledge manager, retires they are recruiting three people to replace his pioneering role.
OneVoice, a social video platform, has created a popular, fun way to drive employee engagement with the company strategy in EMEA.
Belgian bank KBC group conducted an experiment in working out loud called “tWEEThetMEE”, combining Dutch phrases: “tweet het” (tweet it), and “weet het mee” (know it also) - a call both to publish information and to learn from others.
Scratching your head about how SharePoint versions, O365 online, the Cloud, OneDrive, Yammer and Delve fit together? Here's how they will change your digital workplace.
At the most recent networking event hosted by Comma Partners, some 30 senior level internal communications professionals spent an evening in the company of Dik Veenman, Founder of The Right Conversation.

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