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The data science consultancy company Profusion uses the 4th Office to collaborate internally. CEO Mike Weston is among the most enthusiastic users of this virtual workspace.
Increased productivity, stronger corporate culture and agility are just a few business benefits being seen on this company's ESN. This is a story of perpetual change and a bottom-up approach from 1 to 75,000 users.
This life, property and casualty insurance company launched their first internal community in 2008. Since then, they have established clear principles for good management across 37 countries.
Global people development company Insights uses Waggl to crowdsource employee feedback on the corporate culture. Leaders in 30 countries gain a new level of awareness around their internal environment.
Want to get 90,000 colleagues collaborating on your social platform? Stanley Awuku describes how Vodafone has made a success of Circles by treasuring feedback.
This health company has found a way to enable real-time comms between carers and chronic heart failure patients. On Jive, doctors can monitor patients and review their data 24/7.
The leading law firm empowers 4,600 staff to collaborate and share knowledge on ‘InSite’ - a new SharePoint 2013 global intranet across 20 countries.
Over 15,000 staff at the Dutch multinational bank are on Buzz every day - speeding up communications across regions and functions.
Groupon, the global ecommerce website, is building a universal digital workplace experience for its 12,000 employees across more than 45 countries.
Global investment research firm Morningstar uses Vine to communicate the company’s core values. Gloria Lombardi interviews Social Media Associate Katryna Deligiannis.
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