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Biogen Idec, one the world’s largest independent biotech companies, has been using an app to connect their sales force and help them share critical knowledge with their peers.
London’s largest airport is making its first steps in enterprise social. With their new mobile app, 1,700 employees are experiencing a new sense of community.
The 100-million-user note-taking app is venturing into the collaborative space. Silvia Cambie spoke to CEO Phil Libin about his future plans for this signature brand for modern knowledge-workers.
British Gas’s leadership and its field staff have found a new way to talk directly to each other. They go to the BG Network, the company’s new ESN. But, is the middle layer happy?
The Danish leader in industrial enzymes encourages innovation through a crowdsourcing internal campaign run on their social network - COLIN.
Increased collaboration and networking across the firm are just two of the benefits being seen on their new enterprise social network (ESN), Jam.
In 2012, The Nature Conservancy launched CONNECT: the new social intranet gives staff at the environmental organisation the ability to share information and collaborate across 36 countries.
Making your organisation more agile and transparent starts with yourself believes this enterprise community manager.
The Swiss Fragrance and Flavor House uses 'Firmenich Wave', their Jive-based employee social network, to improve internal collaboration and innovate.
Internal communications at the European bank is becoming more strategic and learning to think like a newsroom.
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