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Hotel management company FRHI uses the Beekeeper-based mobile communications platform to build the vision of 'one' for 45,000 employees in 120 properties around the world. Gloria Lombardi interviews.
Achievers is the employee recognition platform used at Canadian ATB Financial for rewarding its 5,000 plus staff within the organisation. Gloria Lombardi interviews.
SAP Co-Innovation Centre in Palo Alto shows that innovative workplaces are truly achievable inside large organisations. Gloria Lombardi interviews.
Google for Work’s Atmosphere took a closer look at how to create a culture of innovation, achieve transformation and inspire creative thinking among teams. Gloria Lombardi reviews.
Education, like many other industries, has been profoundly disrupted by technology. But Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) in Finland is fighting back by launching a digital workplace.
Gloria Lombardi speaks with Vishy Gopalakrishnan, Product Marketing Management of Unified Communications & Collaboration at AT&T, to discuss what the giant mobile provider is doing to help organisations transform their businesses.
International advertising, marketing and corporate communications agency Havas Creative Group, has been using enterprise chat app Pie for brainstorming and sharing ideas.
The construction firm has found a new way to communicate with its hard-to-reach employees - 'Connected', the mobile app launched in January.
The consultancy giant has reorganised its digital offering to meet the demands of its international client base. We talk to Mark Sherwin MD of Accenture Interactive.
Bankinter, one of the main Spanish commercial banks, created an enterprise social network fundamental for employees in order to receive and share business information.
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