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Steve Bridger describes his 11-year journey building a successful community at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.
triptic is the Dutch agency that created 'Iris', the only European intranet to make it to the top 10 of the world chosen by Nielsen Norman Group in 2014.
Most new comms platforms come out of California and are social, but theCOMMSapp is from New York, created out of an agency with its decidedly 'push' technology.
BuzzTale Enterprise Story Network has found a new way to help companies tell internal stories that are engaging, visual, timely and social. It also seems to be appealing to leaders.
At innocent, the European maker of juices, tone of voice is a powerful flavour, permeating their social media, employee engagement, leadership, internal meetings and training.
For a company that had to deal with major digital crisis like having its site hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army, the Financial Times (FT) is reasonably relaxed about enterprise social networking.
Global consumer goods company Unilever, opened up its Change Leaders Conference to 16,000 employees. For the first time employees could follow the event in near real-time on Chatter.
GE Healthcare turns the new organisational values into real behaviours by engaging 1,700 plus staff on its customised social platform.
Faced with the challenges imposed by the fast-evolving global air transport industry, London Gatwick Airport uses Yammer to open up communications and drive innovation.
Rovio created the successful Angry Birds brand. A culture of freedom and experimentalism runs through everything they do, including their Google+ employee network.
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