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They advise the world’s largest companies on strategy but how do McKinsey use internal communications to support and engage their own consultants?
“Knowledge management is a people business.” argues Ceri Hughes, “At its core it allows us to connect people to each other in a large, geographically-dispersed environment.”
The English FA revived their intranet by changing to a collaborative platform. Jamie Craig, explains how they are making football more social.
Ad and PR agencies have to be right on the money when advising clients about the potential of social media, yet few boast social intranets to help their own staff collaborate. MSLGROUP is a rare exception.
Increased productivity, stronger corporate culture and agility are just a few business benefits being seen on this company's ESN. This is a story of perpetual change and a bottom-up approach from 1 to 75,000 users.
It's not about technology but about the people says Dennis Agusi, Global Internal Communications Officer at Philips. And their recent All Employee Jam proves his point.
Karen Minicozzi of Workday tells Gloria Lombardi what their cloud-based enterprise technology has to offer to large organisations - from talent insights, to machine learning and powerful real-time analytics.
Dynamic Signal wants to be the best platform for employee advocacy. Gloria Lombardi interviews CMO Pavey Purewal.
Gloria Lombardi interviews Alexis Gonzales-Black who was part of the first pilot group to implement holacracy inside Zappos.
This man has spent more than a decade making his money out of selling social enterprise software – yet he still believes that the most valuable part of any ESN is humanware.
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