Gloria Lombardi interviews UK General Manager at Hired Sophie Adelman - their innovative online platform for tech and sales talent is turning the conventional approach to hiring on its head.
One of the many areas where recruitment technology is making a major difference is in helping build a truly diverse workforce, as Nick Holmes, UK Managing Director of WCN explains.
SAP Co-Innovation Centre in Palo Alto shows that innovative workplaces are truly achievable inside large organisations. Gloria Lombardi interviews.
This week, enterprise cloud company Box, ran their 'Business Without Boundaries' conference in London. simply-communicate was there to report on the latest of social collaboration technologies.
We have seen the future of measurement in IC and it's the powerful new tool of Social Networks Analysis (SNA). Data scientist Marie Wallace helps take the anal out of analytics.
Is internal social media good for employee engagement? According to Ghassan Karian from Karian and Box, the answer is definitely a 'No'. Here is the controversial view on the topic that he shares with simply-communicate.
Leading UK retailer John Lewis is run by its Partners and the vision that success is powered by people. Their Pitch initiative is an internal project generating ideas to innovate customer experience online.
Post-its have long been a cherished tool in the workplace, adding convenient reminders of our daily tasks via familiar yellow squares. But can the sticky notes work as a digital communication tool? One Chicago-based studio is working to make it happen.
In this month’s installment of ‘It’s simply my opinion’, Euan Semple comments on the world of mobile communication and why companies need to pay attention – and adapt – to this ever-growing phenomenon.
Overwhelmed by waves of content on your intranet? See how one company in India metamorphosed their site into an app-based intranet with easier navigation organised into 10 intelligent global centres.
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