Se_logo_blue_rgb A few months back we launched a sister company to simply-communicate.  Simply-experience is a live event and video production company that Ruth Pavion, Gerard Brown and I have set up.  It's a brand new baby - although it incorporates Ruth's and Gerad's previous partnership of 10 years - RPL Ltd. 
For me it's a bit of a full circle; Ruth started as a Junior Producer at my first company, Crown, some 20 years ago.  Since then she has grown up into one of the most formidable producers in the UK events business - and Gerard is the quite the nicest creative I've ever worked with - and supremely talented.
We've kept the launch quiet - I mean who needs another production company in this over-supplied market?  But yesterday we won our first significant pitch so we're feeling pretty chuffed.  This will be the fourth production company I've founded following Crown Business Communications (which is still going strong under the excellent Nicky Havelaar), Wright Ideas (a TV indie), and MCA Live (which we sold to WPP).  I really should know better - but it makes me feel young again.
This does not mean I'll be neglecting simply-communicate; fortunately my new partners love the site and encourage me and the publishing team to build it ever better.  We just passed the 16,000 readers a month mark - so I guess there is a need for our brand of advice and interviews.
We are holding a breakfast on March 13th in London to introduce simply-experience to the internal communication world.  If you want to come along drop me a line.

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