On Wednesday, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina was named the new leader of the Catholic Church. If his online presence is any indication, he's sure to help the Vatican continue its social media initiatives.
Workday naps are being introduced in the US. But are they really beneficial to employees?
Transparency and employee collaboration are both business drivers, however social enterprise features often experience poor integration with the rest of the intranet, the study finds.
Last week, Yahoo came under fire for ending its work-from-home policy. This week, it's Best Buy making headlines for changing one of its own company policies.
This week, LinkedIn announced its 'Endorsements' feature passed the one billion mark while Facebook unveiled its new News Feed.
According to new research from the American Psychological Association (APA), being overworked, underpaid and having a lack of opportunity for growth are big stress triggers for employees.
Twitter announced it is doing away with TweetDeck's mobile and desktop apps, as well as cutting Facebook integration, in order to concentrate on "modern, web-based versions."
IABC recently chose the winners of its Chapter Awards, a worldwide competition that measures the management skills, leadership skills and creative abilities of chapters and their leaders.
The change is expected to affect hundreds of employees and has sparked debates worldwide about employee productivity and morale.

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