This week, Facebook embedded posts have become available to everyone.
In line with the current digital age, aspirant astronauts were asked to create a Twitter post, a limerick or a haiku as part of their NASA applications.
On Monday, lawyers for Google announced that users should not expect privacy when they send messages to a Gmail account.
On Monday, BlackBerry Ltd. reported that its directors have formed a special board committee to discuss “strategic options” that could involve the sale of the company.
Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, has revealed to have worked as a secret taxi driver in Oslo for an afternoon.
A worker of a Toronto-area oil-change shop has been sacked after tweeting that he was looking for a drug delivery. His tweet was read – and replied – by the police.
Yiying Lu, creator of the Twitter Fail Whale - the web page users experience when a site breaks down – is back with "the new member" of the Fail Whale family: the Overwhelmed Octopus.
To ensure that employees do not divert their attention, online training business Mindflash is embedding a new eye-tracking technology into its application.
The Washington Post, popular newspaper that influenced a generation of journalists, has been bought for $250 million by the founder of, Jeffrey P. Bezos, causing shock in the industry.

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