Six PR Academy students have been awarded the special honour of a PR Academy Award for graduating at the top of their class.
There's still time to enter the IABC Gold Quill Awards. This year, the judging takes on a new twist.
The free software community has unveiled two phones it's shipping to developers to create apps for the forthcoming open-source mobile platform.
According to researchers, a lack of shut-eye is costing billions of dollars of lost productivity in the States. Meanwhile, more companies are beginning to confront the problem and offer a solution.
On Tuesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced a new search engine called 'Graph Search'.
The order comes as employees prepare to learn their bonus fate for services completed in 2012.
Blockbuster UK joins HMV and Jessops as the latest company to call in administrators - a move which puts over 4,000 jobs at risk.
A software developer in the U.S. was caught outsourcing his job to China as he surfed the web and watched cat videos on YouTube.
Companies are expected to boost their travel spending by 4.6% but scale back on trips 1.1%