This Monday, CEO of Box Aaron Levie, announced new exciting products the company is working on.
Ten years ago, was launched by Joshua Schachter. It soon became the go-to social bookmarking service for technology and internet culture topics.
This week, the comment-hosting service for online publishers Livefyre, has agreed to acquire social-media curation company Storify.
This week, CEO of LinkedIn Jeff Weiner, has given a sign that the company is thinking of enterprise social networking as a probable area for development. However, he has not given any explicit plans to offer that as a product.
This week, Mashable has revealed the introduction of a new discoverable “professional skills” category available to Facebook users' profiles.
The National Museum of Computing in Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire, has opened a gallery aimed at documenting the important role played by women in the history of computers.
Training software business Mindflash, plans to expand its offerings with an app that will read people's emotions.
The death of an intern last month, led to review on working conditions inside an investment bank in the City of London. One previous intern told Radio 4 Report about his experience.
This week, Microsoft and Nokia have agreed to Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia’s devices & services business, license Nokia’s patents and use Nokia’s mapping services.

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