Cisco will resell Jive Software’s social collaboration solutions. A joint strategy and commitment will also extend the integration between the two companies’ products.
On 29th May, Kinura will run a seminar in collaboration with EVCOM: "Connecting live audiences with video and social media." simply-communicate will be joining the panel of experts.
On Monday, columnist Önder Aytaç was given a 10-months prison sentence for insulting Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan via Twitter.
Readers of the Guardian have shared some bizarre rules imposed by their previous or current employers. Read some of our favourites.
With the newly announced acquisition by Communisis, the leading video comms company Jacaranda and the digital agency Public Creative will be rebranded and merged into the Group’s Creative Communications Division.
"CTN’s own events business is growing and it’s exciting to be able to enhance this with new skills and capabilities," comments Stephen Watson, CEO of CTN.
Peter Hughes, Director Collaboration at Cisco, has banned his staff from using emails to send messages to a group of colleagues.
This week, Grundfos's Thomas Asger Hansen published a blog post describing the "The 4 basic techniques to create high value ESN discussions."
While each company will focus more resources on its core business, the deal should lead to the emergence of a simpler GSK.

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