Run on Wednesday 22nd January, the event will feature Marc Wright Publisher of simply-communicate, discussing how to demonstrate the value of internal communications.
All the newspaper's journalists, are required to learn how to use analytics dashboards to track their stories.
This is the focus of a thought leadership document by Charted Institute of Public Relations (CIPR). The #PR2014 guide features contributions from each of the body's groups, including internal communications.
"Free meals, bring-your-pet-to-work days and office happy hours are so commonplace that they barely even register as job perks" at the tech giant, writes Mashable this week.
This week, JP Morgan Chase has banned all employees in corporate and investment banking from taking part in instant messenger chats.
Extreme Networks's Vala Afshar, has curated a list of 50 facts and statistics around the past, present and future of mobile innovation.
Organisations are sending their top executives to courses in order to learn how the internet works and how people communicate digitally.
Jim Knight, fired as Head Chef of the British pub The Plough, got immediate revenge by tweeting from @ploughpub, the restaurant handle.
The artist chose Instagram and Twitter instead of traditional communications methods to spread the word about her new album.

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