According to the Professional Boards Forum's (PBF) latest data, the proportion of women directors on FTSE 100 companies' boards has risen.
Next week, Brad Stone's book, "The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon" will be released, describing what it is like working for Amazon's Chief Exec.
The new platform based on Microsoft SharePoint ushers in a new model of targeted communication, focusing on collaboration and social integration.
After 33 years at Microsoft, departing CEO Steve Ballmer, held his last company-wide meeting. The farewell to employees has been captured in a video.
It's been four years in the making, but at last engagement guru John Smythe's new book is out and there is a steel fist inside that velvet glove.
This week, GigaOM published the story of Huawei, China’s colossal telecom company, implementing a rare approach to its leadership's administration.
Writer Marina Shifrin uploaded an epic video on YouTube reporting the reasons for quitting her job. The film went viral.
German industrial group Siemens is planning to cut 15,000 jobs. This is almost double the company's original target for layoffs.
In an interview published by BBC this week, video games developer Valve discussed its unusual working structure.

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