Google is now requiring people to use its Google+ social network.
Acer and Asus - the last two major netbook manufacturers - have ceased production of the mini-laptops.
There are 311.5 million Americans and 425 million internet-connected gadgets in homes.
New Year's tweets came flooding in after midnight, especially in South Korea and Japan.
The Facebook-owned photo-sharing site announced its new data policy which seemed to reveal that it will own the perpetual right to license all photos on the site for publicity as of January 16, 2013. Till Instagram's co-founder stepped in to clarify.
The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) admitted that it could have done things differently and that communications "fell short" when the organization released 16 of 32 employees.
Want to recall what you tweeted back in 2009? Now you can - Twitter has unveiled the ability for users to download an archive of all their tweets.
A Starbucks Twitter campaign in the UK backfired earlier this week when critics used the #SpreadTheCheer hashtag to bash the brand.
The carrier will now distribute iPads to all of its 3,600 pilots.