This year's winners include At&T, Hager Group and the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) to name a few.
In honor of Australia Day, the fast food giant is changing its name to Macca's in celebration of its Australian nickname.
This week, the popular business networking site announced it has reached two million users with a joining rate of two per second.
Among the companies appointing new leaders will be Virgin Atlantic, Anglo American and Sears.
The coverage area will be Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood.
On January 31st, IABC UK will be presenting the first 'Gift of Communication' (GOC) symposium in Europe.
Google is now requiring people to use its Google+ social network.
Acer and Asus - the last two major netbook manufacturers - have ceased production of the mini-laptops.
There are 311.5 million Americans and 425 million internet-connected gadgets in homes.