Facebook introduces hashtags in an effort to become a greater public forum.
This week Google announced the $1.1 billion acquisition of the crowd-sourced location platform Waze, boosting its already powerful mapping and mobile businesses.
This week, the Metropolitan Police announced the hiring of a new Head of Internal Comms, Katie Deeble, to help communicate their reshaping to almost 50,000 staff.
This week, IABC International Chair Kerby Meyers announced the resignation of Executive Director Chris Sorek who will now work on special projects for the Board over the next two months.
A photo of a California-based Taco Bell employee caused quite a stir on the Web this week, causing the fast food chain to take action.
Jim Hagedorn's salty language has landed him in hot water at the Ohio-based lawn-care company.
The social gaming company behind Words With Friends has announced significant job cuts and office closures with the aim to lower annual expenses by $70-$80million.
This week, Twitter introduced a new sidebar on the left-hand side of the screens of TweetDeck's Chrome and Web versions - a redesign which now allows user to search, create new tweets and navigate between feeds faster.
On Tuesday 18th June, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations' specialist group for internal communicators - CIPR Inside - will run a special 'Ask the Guru' event in London focused on achieving greater employee engagement during meetings and presentations.

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