Thinking about crashing a company Christmas party? If it's at the White House, you might have a shot at getting in.
Starbucks watch out. The latest trend brewing at several U.S. coffeehouses: baristas in bikinis!
Food Network's Paula Deen proves that pigs do indeed fly.
Falling down on stage can happen to the best of us - even to pop superstars like J.Lo.
Just how important is transparency in communications? Ask Fox News.
Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is alive and well unlike the Canadian transport minister's cat.
A pot calling the kettle black perhaps? Read how one UK tabloid recently had egg on its face after a much-publicized spelling error. Luckily no one got too steaming mad.
New Mexico soccer player Elizabeth Lambert is one competitive athlete. Don't try this at your next company sales meeting.
How influential has social networking become? Just ask this couple who took on after a serious blunder nearly ruined their honeymoon. Luckily the story has a happy ending.
Some employees should not be distracted while on the job.
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